Student Interview: Tommy Solly

Tommy Solly goes to MBIT and is an old friend of mine. I interviewed him about his experience and career plans.


Tommy Solly and I have been friends our whole lives. Our families were neighbors before we were even born. Tommy and I also were in CCD class together at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and now we attend youth group together. Here is my interview with him.


MRB: What are you studying at MBIT?

TS: I am studying automotive technology.


MRB: What is your favorite part of attending MBIT?

TS: My favorite part about attending is learning new things about vehicles that will further my career and also getting to see the great friends that I have made. And my wonderful teacher.


MRB: What advice would you give a younger student who is thinking about attending MBIT?

TS: My advice would be check it out. There are a lot of programs there. And even if you do not like the program and decide it’s not for you, you can always change to another one and also if it’s not something you want to further pursue after high school at least you have some extra knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise know.


MRB: How does your work at your family’s farm prepare you for your future career?

TS: It prepares me because you get experience with dealing with the public and how to act in a business. And with working there I also feel like I have grown because I learn so much and have grown up and developed a good work ethic.


MRB: How long did it take you to earn your Black Belt? And what is the best thing you learned about yourself from your karate experience?

TS: It took about ten years to earn. And the best thing I learned is how to act and behave it taught me discipline and respect which is very important and one of the main reasons I joined was because I needed that in my life, and I believe that all kids do because it will greatly impact them and how they are treated. And I also learned what I can and cannot do physically.


MRB: What are your plans for after high school?

TS: My plans for after high school are to attend Pennsylvania College of Technology and earn my associate degree in diesel technology. Then work in the field and get some experience then get a business degree, learn body work and specialty diesel performance and tuning. And build a business of my own.