Teacher Interview: Ms. Donahue, BARC Club Advisor

Ms. Donahue is the adviser for the BARC Club at CB West, which has a mission to focus on raising money, awareness, and service.


Mary Rose Baltes, Staff Writer

How did the idea for BARC come  about  and when did BARC  start?

BARC began with two Juniors, Amanda Wolfgang and Samantha Ernst, in the Fall of 2012. Both students were huge animal lovers and wanted to start a club that focused on service, fundraising, and education. They organized our first annual Santa Paws event, a trip to Penn Vet Working Dog, Spring Clean-Up at the Lahaska SPCA, and countless other meaningful events in our community.

What  does BARC do and how many students are in the club?

BARC’s mission continues to focus on raising money, awareness, and service. In the past, we’ve had over 100 student members. Our numbers have most recently declined likely due to the Pandemic. We are not able to do everything we’ve done in the past but so far this year we did run a successful Giving Tree Event where students raised money and donated supplied to the Philly Bully Team Rescue. At the moment, we have a core group of 4 student members. We are always looking for more.

So  far what is the most  successful activity  in  the club ?

A few years ago we hosted the “Kiss a Pig” event at the Homecoming Carnival. Students donated to nominate a staff member to kiss a pig from Ross Mill Farm Potbellied Pig Rescue. Mrs. Johnsen was the winner. This event raised over $800 which supported Ross Mill Farm and their cause.

How has  BARC coped during the Pandemic?

It has been a challenge. As I mentioned before, we don’t have the participation we’ve had in the past. We can’t host bake sales or sell food which has helped us bring in money for rescues. We haven’t been able to volunteer due to restrictions. We are always looking for new and inventive ways to support animals in our community.

How can students get involved in BARC ?

Any student interested in joining BARC should email me or Ms. Harrison at: [email protected] or [email protected] for the membership form. We would love to have new members help us build BARC back up to the successful club it once was. We are flexible with meeting dates/times. Collectively, we can fulfill our goal of bringing relief to animals in need within our community.