Student Interview: Elizabeth Carroll

Elizabeth Carroll started CB West’s Brown Student Union and writes for a youth panel in the Bucks County Courier Times. Here is my interview with her.


Mary Rose Baltes, Staff Writer

MRB: Tell us a little  bit about Reality.  What is favorite part  writing  for them? 

EC: The best part about sharing work on a public platform is the challenge each piece presents. Processing all revisions until I have produced a complete article makes me a stronger writer. I am constantly overflowing with passion and inspiration to new topics. It is a blessing to be able to share a part of that publicly. The truth is that writing is one of the most vulnerable and personal forms of expression. The craft to writing is a never-ending cycle. The intensity of my words shifts readers’ preconceived perceptions and influences emotions. That is the beauty of powerful literature.

MRB: What  inspired you to start the Brown Student union  club?  

EC: Equality and equity have always relevant to me. The goal is to empower and encourage young adults. No individual should be limited due to their upbringing, sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, and/or otherwise. That being said, all races and ethnicities are welcomed to join the Brown Student Union.

MRB: How can students join the club ? 

EC: Students can join the club by emailing me @[email protected]. After an individual has shown interest, they are added to the group email. Meetings occur routinely, every two weeks.

MRB: What are the goals of the club?  What activities do you now?   

EC: Although building a community is the main goal, maintaining philanthropic initiative is certainly a priority. Currently we are looking forward to participating in a food drive.

MRB: You recently wrote a beautiful piece about the  late Mr . Manners and what Mr. Manners legacy is going to be at C.B. West. How can students access your work on Reality?

EC: My work, as all my pieces written for ‘reality’ can be accessed through the Courier Times website.