Advice for Sophomores

Sophomore year can be stressful, even without a pandemic. We’re here to help.


Ava Burchell

“Of course, it’s important to stay on top of schoolwork and extra curriculars, but always remember to live in the moment. High school goes by in a blink and before you know it you’ll be parting ways with your friends after you walk across the football field your senior year.” -Skylar McFadden (Senior) 

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Join Ultimate Frisbee

— Jason Graham

“Sometimes all you have to do is mentally throw up the finger and walk away. Take a deep breath, gather yourself, and get some food. Then get back to what you were doing and be nice!” -Dana Zhang (Senior) 

“Don’t be afraid to talk to people you’ve never met before.  You could be talking to your future best friend.” -Gleb Ksenevich (Junior) 

Don’t get lost.” -Mary Baltes (Senior) 

“Keep calm and do your best!  Don’t lose focus and make a goal for yourself in sports, clubs, or academics!” -SeJin Lee (Senior) 

“Finding classes was almost harder than my actual classwork.  And eventually you will find your way around the halls!” -Sophia Ketner (Junior) 

“Stay true to yourself!  New school might be a bit scary, even if it’s online!” -Francie Ebert (Senior) 

“Join ultimate frisbee.” -Jason Graham (Senior) 

“Honestly just stay focused and continue doing your work every day.  It’ll pay off by your senior year.” -Sofie Gordon (Senior) 

“Don’t let work pile up because it will become overwhelming very quickly.” -Lauren Molenari (Senior)