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    Community Questionnaire #6

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    Local Band Feature: Davy Jones’ Locker

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    Book Review: Lunar Park (published 2005) by Bret Easton Ellis

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    Book Review: The Shards (published 2023) by Bret Easton Ellis

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Staff Feature: Mr. Goodchild




This month, the Court Street editors sat down with one of the new security personnel at West, Mr. Goodchild, to ask about his experience so far being a Buck. His experience in the army and in security is a great asset to the school, but considering his newer role in the building, we also wanted to find out how exactly him and other security personnel help keep us safe.

What did you do prior to West?

“I was in the army and worked as a police officer in Philadelphia for a few years, so my understanding of security through my job training in the army, police, and additional training in anti-terrorism after 9/11 through the army opened my eyes to more different concerns than what an average person would be able to spot. I can see if a car door is unlocked or tell if a car door is opening by its reflection.”

What made you come to West?

“I came from a transitional job after I left the army, I retired from the army and did some work with construction and as a shop manager for an automotive center. But I decided that I wanted to work in something a little more permanent that fits my life schedule, which is based off of my fourteen-year-old daughter. So, I chose this job, where I’m here when she’s at school and I’m home when she is.”

How would you describe your job here at West?

“I work for the security and Safety office, it’s a little bit different transitioning with a new boss, who focuses on safety and security. So, I always say that I would be one of the few people running towards the gunfire if that were to happen. I make sure everything inside this building—its people and contents—are safe, so that you guys don’t have to worry about anyone coming and messing the school up or doing other bad things. I do over 25,000 steps a day checking doors, locks, and parking lots.

Do you work with Student Parking? How are you involved with the program?

“So, there’s around 500 parking spots around West for students and staff. So, you’ve got a school of around 1200 but there’s only seniors, juniors and staff occupying those spots. With the fee that students have to pay we hold up our part: if someone parks illegally we’ll give it a ticket and then we’ll work it out with Mrs. Johnson who is the judge, jury, and executioner on all matters parking, and she works well with students so if you had a problem with parking she is very fair about her administering of parking. I’m also out there patrolling the perimeter of campus with Deputy Landis to make sure no thefts happen.”

How has your experience at West been so far?

“I really enjoy West. They opened me with open arms. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m starting to get that Buck Pride but you know, I’m a little torn because my daughter’s going to be going to South, so I might have a little Titan Pride too, and I’m a Northeast Philly guy so I’ll always be a crusader and a father judge. So, I’m torn, I’m getting a little Buck Pride though, everyone’s always trying to make me feel welcome here.

Any closing thoughts?

“It’s a serious job and I know it was more of a hall monitor job in the past but has transitioned to a more serious job, so we need security and school resource officers like Deputy Landis but its nice to know and refreshing to see that there are men and women like Deputy Landis, Myself, and Mrs. Johnson that do this kind of work and take it seriously, we don’t just come in and interact with the kids, we actually listen to you and students should feel comfortable coming to their teachers or someone in safety/security with their concerns. It’s your school, own it and be proud of it.”


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