A Morning of Disney and Dining: Harlequin Club at Café with Soul

A Morning of Disney and Dining: Harlequin Club at Café with Soul

Alex Storck, Staff Writer

On October 29th, from 8 to 11a.m., members of the West Harlequin Club had the opportunity to perform for diners at Café with Soul, a nonprofit restaurant in Doylestown that supports music and STEM programs throughout Central Bucks.

The event was marketed for children, who were welcomed to arrive at the diner in costume, and the repertoire sung by the students consisted of music from beloved Disney songs. From Beauty and the Beast, to Mary Poppins, to Encanto, there were performances of songs stretching across styles and decades. As soloists thrilled diners inside, outside the club performed songs from Rent to promote their fall musical.

This was a fantastic way for the Harlequin Club to get involved in the community and share their talent and joy with many people. After the event, the owner of Café with Soul announced, “Thank you, to the students for allowing Café with Soul to host the Broadway Breakfast. Simply put, it was awesome. The students are extremely talented and wonderful. Only positive feedback from the patrons.”

Simply put, it was awesome.

While the breakfast was a great event for publicity and outreach, it was also a fundraising opportunity. The club raised $1,050, which made it a huge success, and club presidents Anna Shea Safran and Garrett Falkenstein worked very hard to organize and execute the event.

The “Broadway Breakfast” truly was a small rendition of the iconic “Ellen’s Stardust Diner” in New York City, where a staff of Broadway-bound individuals serve patrons and give incredible musical performances. Who knows? Maybe one day one of CB West’s own Harlequin Club members will be singing there!