Junior Prom Recap


Leo Burchell, Editor

For one night, the juniors at West and their guests spent a night living out their “enchanted fairytale” dreams. The school lobby was transformed into a scene reminiscent of a dinner party in a luscious garden. Vines were draped above the students’ heads, flowers hung from the walls, and fairy lights lit the area. Everyone looked like royalty in showstopping dresses, suits, and other outfits. Mesmerizing corsages and boutonnieres dotted many wrists and lapels. The theme of “enchanted fairytale” was beautifully executed, but the fun didn’t stop there.  

The junior class council helped to organize the event. I talked to the class council cabinet, which consists of Sohum Desai, Paree Pasi, Liv Khoury, Kate Casarella, and Sean Fitzgerald. They believe that this prom stands out from so many others because of the decorations and, of course, the food. The cafeteria was split into two halves: one half reserved for nail-biting games of cornhole and the other for platters of food from Chick-Fil-A and Empanada Mama. According to many attendees, the Chick-Fil-A chicken was devoured in minutes, as expected. Outside, food trucks lined up to distribute even more food. A Chickie’s and Pete’s food truck gave out trays of crab fries and a Sweet Pea food truck offered cups of ice cream in mouthwatering flavors. 

Even beyond the food and décor, the prom was unforgettable. In the lobby, you could take pictures with your whole group and send them to your phone. There was a camera set up facing a background of flowers and lights. However, the dancing in the gym was the most exciting part of the night. The DJ played some timeless dance songs like “Cotton-Eye Joe” and “Cha Cha Slide.” Other songs like “Super Bass” and “Hotel Room Service” were screamed along to by everyone in attendance. “Fergalicious” elicited a dance circle featuring some students with truly impressive moves. A conga line even broke out a few times during the dancing. 

Though no celebrities were in attendance, the class council cabinet wishes they could have invited some. Each member fantasized about their dream celebrity appearance. Sohum chose Mr. Miyagi, Paree chose Will Smith, Liv chose Adam Sandler, Kate chose Nicki Minaj, and Sean chose Playboi Carti. It’s for the best that neither Will Smith nor Chris Rock showed up, though. Still, the night was a success and received rave reviews from many of the students.