The Pros of Online Learning

I love online learning. Here’s why.


Ava Burchell

I love online learning!  I am a very social person and I find it extremely hard to focus in school because there are so many people to talk to.  Online learning helps me stay focused better because there are fewer social distractions.  Also, I can control my learning environment to maximize productivity at home.  

I like to sit by the window and use natural sunlight to illuminate my work.  I also like to listen to soft music in the background.  As a student from Jamison, I live about 20 minutes from West.  Working at home helps me shave off that entire commute.  I especially like to avoid the chaos of MacFarlane Lane after school.  This gives more time during the day to pursue out-of-school interested like reading and working. With more time in the day, I can develop a stronger bond with my family because I am home more often.  

Lastly, but most importantly, online learning is far safer than coming into school.  COVID is deadly, scary, and easily spreadable.  Staying at home is the safest option.