Why the Rams Deserved to Win Super Bowl LVI


Max Grill , Staff Writer

   Going into the Super Bowl last weekend, it seemed like the entirety of the United States (outside of LA, of course) was rooting for the Cincinnati Bengals.  

Everyone loves an underdog. Joe “Shiesty” Burrow was leading a young Bengals team deep into the playoffs for the first time in what felt like a millennium, and it seemed like Cincinnati was unstoppable. It all started in the Wildcard game against the streaking Raiders – win. Then came the Divisional round against the number-one-seeded Titans – win again. After that, the AFC championship against Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs seemed impossible for Cincinnati to get through – win once more. 

The Bengals were coming in hot, and they had one more stop until they could hoist up the Lombardi trophy for the first time in team history.  

Then something happened.  

The Los Angeles Rams stopped it all, and walked out of their home stadium late Sunday night with a trophy. And just like that, most of America went to bed thinking the “Boogie Man” of the NFL had actually beat the “good guys”, and that the Bengals’ wonder-story run was ruined.  

Yet that’s not entirely true. The Rams were full of “good guys” too; guys who put their body on the line, guys who never were part of a winning franchise and sacrificed it all to be part of one.  

The Rams did not wreck the Bengals’ forming legacy – they simply started their own. And for those reasons, I’d like to point out a few guys who deserved a Super Bowl ring more than anyone else in the league, and on Sunday, finally got one.  

Matt Stafford 

The Rams’ quarterback Matt Stafford was a little new to the whole “playoffs” thing, and for good reason – he had been stuck on the Detroit Lions since he was drafted first overall in 2009. During his 11 seasons with the Lions, Stafford advanced as far as the Wildcard game only twice, which resulted in two losses. Over his entire career in Detroit, the Lions finished with an overall regular season record of 79-112, and had basically become one of the laughing stocks of the NFL.  

Yet, amidst the 4-win seasons, Stafford continually performed well. He was named Comeback Player of the Year in 2011, was selected for his first Pro Bowl in 2014, and was even named to the Lions All Time Team after finishing first in totals of touchdowns, passing yards, and completions in team history.   

People around the league knew Matt Stafford had the goods, but he never had the opportunity to show it off – not until he was traded to the Rams before the beginning of last season. With expectations high, Stafford was able to solidify his place among the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and finally felt the joy of winning big games when they mattered most. From Detroit to a Super Bowl Champion, Matt Stafford has had quite the wild year – and he deserves it all.  

Cooper Kupp 

Cooper Kupp had an all-time receiving season this year – statistically the best, in fact.  

Aside from winning the Super Bowl, being named Super Bowl MVP, and winning the 2021 NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award, Kupp also finished the season with the most receptions, yards, and touchdowns out of every receiver in the NFL. Along with those regular season stats, Kupp also finished the postseason with 33 receptions, setting a new all-time record in that category.  

Not too bad – especially for a player who had no D1 offers out of high school and ended up playing at a small D3 school called Eastern Washington for his entire collegiate career. And there, in his humble beginnings, is why Cooper Kupp is such an inspiration to people around the world.  

Kupp bet on himself. He worked to get a roster spot at Eastern Washington. He believed in himself when he received little attention from NFL scouts until he was ultimately drafted in the third round of the 2017 draft. Cooper Kupp is living proof that anything is possible with hard work, and if that’s something this year’s Super Bowl MVP represents, then we as fans and as people shouldn’t want it any other way.  

Aaron Donald 

Aaron Donald is probably the most intimidating person in the country – just ask any quarterback in the NFL. Donald is an undisputed future Hall-of-Famer, and during his 8 year career, has wreaked havoc from his position at defensive tackle better than anyone else in the league.  

He is a 3 time Defensive Player of the Year, has been named All-Pro 7 times, and has been selected to the Pro Bowl every year of his career. Donald is the definition of dominance, yet that dominance may be coming to an end.  

Before the Super Bowl, Aaron announced that he may retire if everything goes to plan – which it did – meaning last Sunday may have been the last time we’ll ever see number 99 suit up. To one of the greatest to ever do it, there’s no better way to leave your mark on the league than with a ring on your finger.  

Andrew Whitworth 

Unlike the previous players I’ve mentioned, Andrew Whitworth stands out on his own not for his physical ability.  

The 40 year old tackle has been one of the most consistent linemen for the last decade, and even has accumulated a respectable number of accolades to show his success as a player. 

However, Whitworth is more than a Super Bowl Champion after this year – he is also the most recent recipient of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award, which is given to a player who best exemplifies what it means to be great, both on and off the field.  

Whitworth’s volunteer and charity work through his program, “Big Whit Homes for LA Families”, has helped thousands of struggling LA residents over his NFL career. To be a good player is one thing, but to be a good person is an even better reason to root for someone’s success. 


So as the NFL season comes to a close, we, the football loving fans around the country can appreciate the Rams and their championship for what it was – not for what it seemed to ruin. The LA Rams are world champions!