The Best Classes, According to the Bucks

Students share their favorite classes at West

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March 19, 2021

“I’m in AP Psych with Mrs. Besack and it’s my favorite class right now.  She pushes us to remember a lot but makes it so interesting and applicable to our own lives.  I definitely recommend taking it.” -Sophia Ferrara, Senior 


“English with Ms. Cartee, because we talk about our lives outside of school and always share fun stories.  Even though we are talking and sharing I think we still learn so much about the world in her class.” -Sophie Kadan, Senior 

“Ms. Mullen, Honors English 10.  She’s the sweetest human being on the planet, she truly cares about her students!  She’s there for me when I need support and uses my correct pronouns.” -Chloe Weintraub, Sophomore 

“Mrs. O’Connell, Forensics, [she is the] nicest and most understanding teacher.”-Ella Heinselman, Junior 

“APUSH with Mr. Weaver was the best class because you learn very important information about your own country and how history relates to events going on today.  The class values the importance of your own individual opinion and how we can use what we learned in class to better understand current events and not let history repeat itself.  You come out of class as a well-educated citizen and fully prepared for in-depth conversations.” -Lauren Molenari, Senior 

“Mr. Campione, Physics, because in these weird, uncertain times he always makes class something to look forward to.” -Anonymous, Senior 

“APUSH, Mr. Weaver: it’s very relevant to the political climate of America today because we tend to repeat history instead of learning from it.” -Keely McGlone, Senior 

“My favorite class was Honors American Government and Economic Systems with Mr. Donohue because we were constantly watching the news and staying updated.  We also learned how economic concepts play a role in our political systems.  Mr. Donohue shares his passion and knowledge with his students and has inspired me to pursue a degree in political science.” -Ava Burchell, Senior