Infamous Imps: Leprechauns

Often confused with gremlins, leprechauns are evil, nasty fairies that loot and pillage the common folk. These miniscule marauders trace back to eighth-century Irish legends of spirits called “luchorpán,” which means small body and mischievous elf. But calling them “just legends” would be a great underestimation, because leprechauns are just as real as the Tooth Fairy (where else would the teeth go?).  


Leprechauns are so hard to find because their green clothes perfectly blend into their surroundings. Other than their furtiveness, the reason leprechauns are so difficult to spot is because it takes many years to become a leprechaun which is why leprechauns are often incredibly old. They use their age to create the deception that they are slow and easy to catch (when the opposite is true). They rely on old-fashioned clothes and homemade tools in daily lives. Leprechauns are less than three feet in height and have large hats as a means of storage for your gold. Most leprechauns have a bushy, bristly beard to hide their toothy grin.  


Leprechauns are often found in dwellings comparable to the image below: 

They use these wall caverns to travel throughout a building in order to steal any treasures they find. What any normal passerby would view as a mouse residence is a breeding ground for these little thieves. The leprechaun uses established heuristics to their advantage to increase their sneakiness. 


Have you or a loved one become a victim of a sneaky leprechaun? No need to shiver your timbers! Although they can be arduous, it is possible to catch a leprechaun. Before catching a leprechaun, it is imperative to bury all your valuables underground (especially your gold) because leprechauns cannot dig. Underground is the only place they can’t get to. The average Joe might think that leprechauns must be trapped to be caught, but because of their trickery, they cannot be tricked. The best way to catch a leprechaun is to find them at their weakest and least sneaky. Because they are Irish, the best time to catch them is after they have had a drink and supper right before they lay their eyes to rest. They will be drowsy at this time so their wits will be hindered from a long night of plundering and mischief. It is recommended to catch them alive because they grant three wishes upon their detainment (although they don’t speak English, so they won’t understand you). 


During this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, all should be wary, for this is the day of the Leprechaun. This is when they are at their most mischievous. Bury your gold, keep your eyes peeled, and most importantly, pinch whoever isn’t wearing green. But after all, no one knows how to spell Lepracon anyway. 


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