Club Dispatches: Ping Pong Club

Club Dispatches: Ping Pong Club

Swinging sticks and hitting balls—it’s been humanity’s instinct since the dawn of time.

Due to our tremendous intelligence, humankind has made various advancements that have changed the course of civilization forever. First came the discovery of fire. Next came the wheel. Many more followed: language, agriculture, architecture, even modern medicine. However, none of these can even come close to comparing with our greatest invention, the crown jewel of civilization: the sport of ping pong. And now, we have brought it to Central Bucks West.

From your founders, Ben Nayak and Izzy Kondo, and our amazing sponsor Mrs. Haflett, comes one of the most innovative clubs at CB West: Ping Pong Club. We started last year but were interrupted due to COVID and haven’t had the chance to go through a full year yet. However, once we get approved to run this year, it should be a great rest of the year. Email Mr. Donovan if you want to see this club start sooner! Typically, we meet from 2:30 to 4:00 PM, though times are flexible. Whether it be casual games or mini tournaments, we’re always trying to play as much ping pong as possible-and to make it as fun as possible. We try to run tournaments in Round Robin format. This way, after a game or two, you will end up playing against people at your skill level and get a real challenge! This year, we’re also trying to run some ping pong workshops to teach people how to be better at ping pong to make the game more fun for everyone.

In addition, if the COVID situation ever gets better, the club is looking to run school-wide tournaments with prizes for the top 3 players and teams—so join Ping Pong club now to get the jump on everyone else!

Ping Pong Club is a very laid-back club and attendance is very flexible-just try to show up to as many meetings as you can. If you are interested, join our Remind to get the latest updates—text @cbwppclub to 81010—or follow our Instagram—@cbw_ping_pong. We hope to see you there!