Graphic Novel Review: Ronin by Frank Miller

I highly recommend this graphic novel.


Connor Sturza, '20

Ronin was published by DC comics as a 6 issue limited series written and illustrated by Frank Miller with help of his then wife Lynn Varley, who also collaborated on some of Millers well-known works like The Dark Knight Returns and 300.  Miller’s idea was inspired by Japanese films and a Manga called Lone Wolf and Cub.  This graphic novel was given a lot of praise from well-known comic book writers and artists with one artist, George Perez, calling it “A monumental ground breaker…a work of sensuous wonder!” 

When I read Ronin last summer, I loved it. The story starts off with a nameless samurai called “Ronin” who vows revenge for the murder of his master, Lord Ozaki, from an evil demon called Agat who wants a magical sword that once belonged to him.  Agat creates a curse that traps both Ronin and Agat in the blade forever.  Skip to 21st century New York, a corporation called Aquarius has been creating new and improved technologies (mainly weapons) and the company uses them to improve their military and police force (kind of like Robocop but with a hint of Terminator).  Along with their experiments is a child-like telepath named Billy, who has been having unusual dreams about Ronin and soon after Billy would become possessed by Ronin to get away from Agat after the magical sword was broken by Geologists.

I absolutely love the fast-paced action that would influence many movies and shows like Samurai Jack (Which the plot is very similar) as well as some popular Manga titles.  I highly recommend this graphic novel.

Story ranking: 9/10