Local Artist Spotlight: Metaphysical


Cole Reed, Staff Writer

Central Bucks is a district absolutely filled with creative talent, especially in terms of music. Between the band, choir, and orchestra programs, every school in the district is full of phenomenal musicians. Among these great musicians are CB East students Brady Swencak and Ryan Schwartz of the rock band Metaphysical. Taking inspiration from bands such as the Foo Fighters and The Backseat Lovers, Metaphysical released their first single “Young Forever” on all streaming services on January 13th. The track features Swencak on guitar and vocals, Schwartz on bass, and Olivia Carolan on drums. The catchy and unique track features a wonderfully melodic bassline by Schwartz and nostalgic lyrics by Swencak, making for a great sound that leaves listeners waiting for more releases. 

Metaphysical found its beginnings as most local bands do, as a fun project of two childhood friends. Talking about their beginnings in music, Brady said, “Ryan picked up bass way before I did guitar, but in ninth grade he got me into taking a guitar class at school. When COVID happened, I really started to get into it.” He then moved into writing, creating his first batch of songs, including “Young Forever.” “It’s one of the first songs we wrote that I had truly loved,” he claimed, “We had released two before that are being re-released but I felt a deep connection with this one. I came up with the idea for lyrics after wandering around my house one day and seeing our neighbor’s kid out back playing on their swing set. It sent me back to when I was younger and I really realized how much life has changed. When you’re a kid you have no worries in the world and you want to grow up but when you’re older your world becomes full of worries and you wish to be younger. That’s where I got the main idea for the song.” 

With the song now out on all streaming platforms, Metaphysical is looking to the future. Their EP, titled The Minds of Many, is set to release next month. The group is already working on a full album, and they’re planning to have multiple live shows throughout the spring and summer, and beyond. The future looks exciting for the Central Bucks-based band, as Metaphysical is certainly a group to look out for in the future.