CB West’s Holiday Traditions

The winter season is a very important and special time for people all around the world. The most popular traditions here in the United States consist of making gingerbread houses and decorating a Christmas tree. Personally, my favorite tradition for the winter season is baking cookies to have on Christmas. Despite all of these being spectacular activities that are loved by many, I wanted to know more about traditions that were more personal and unique. To explore this, I asked students from our very own CB West high school what holiday tradition that they have is most important to them. Let’s have a look at what they had to say!

“When I was in Guatemala for Christmas, the special thing for me was to spend it with my family and friends burning fireworks.”

-Jorge Gonzalez, Class of 24’

“My favorite holiday tradition is every New Year’s Eve my entire family helps to cook crepes in white wine sauce.”

-Max Sawyer, Class of 25’

“I celebrate Hanukkah and I overall enjoy hanging out with my family. A VERY close second would be the gifts. I go to my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop’s house and we eat lots of different foods. My favorite food when we celebrate is my Mom-Mom’s brisket.”

-Mason Oltman, Class of 25’

“In Belarus, Kolyadas were popular. Kolyada is the Slavic folk name for Christmas Eve, the feast of the nativity of Christ. This holiday is celebrated on December 24th and 25th and January 6th and 7th. Kolyadas were considered a special holiday, and therefore we prepared for them accordingly. They hunted a pig (in poor families it was one of the few days when one could eat plenty of meat), did a general cleaning in the house, sewed new outfits, and also thoroughly washed the bath. He was supposed to meet this holiday clean: both physically and spiritually. Today this holiday is celebrated in some villages.”

-Mikalai Navitski, Class of 25’

“My favorite holiday is Christmas because it’s the time to be with family and friends. Also, we have different traditions, and we eat different types of food. We usually wait till 12:00 right, so we usually eat at 10pm. We have tamales, ponche (it’s basically fruit soup), and bread.”

-Jeff Mejia, Class of 24’

“A winter tradition I have is drinking lots of hot chocolate and visiting the Christmas lights in Peddler’s Village. I also watch the movie Elf every year.”

-Lailah Acuna, Class of 23’

“Looking at Christmas lights with my friends and family.”

-Sharon Keib, Class of 23’