College Visits at West

Olivia Magalio, Staff Writer

Throughout the Fall, West is a hub of activity. Many seniors, juniors, and even some sophomores have been taking advantage of West’s numerous college visits. The schedule includes a variety of schools, from Penn State to West Virginia University. If you haven’t attended one of these events, you might be curious as to what they entail, and whether it is worth it to attend.

The process to sign up for an in-school visit is easy. You’ll want to check the Daily Announcements page on the school website to see a schedule of upcoming visits. If you find one that interests you, you must register on Naviance in order to attend. Your registration will provide you with the information about the visit, such as date, time, and location.

Click “College Visits” in Naviance to sign up!

Each college visit is run by a representative of that college. They will give you a quick but thorough presentation. These presentations cover important information concerning statistics and facts, like class sizes, average financial aid, and the application process, as well as details like the school environment. Often times, you’ll receive a pamphlet, and you’ll be asked to fill out a form if you’d like to receive emails or mail from the school. Typically, they will end with a Q&A.

After attending a few of these college visits, I’d encourage other students to attend as well. I think they are most beneficial to a student who is interested in a school but can’t visit and tour it yet. They allow you to get a better idea of that school, and this could make it easier for you to gauge your interest. If only a few students attend, you can even ask about more personal aspects, such as a major or organization that interests you. I found the Q&A section to be most helpful; the representatives answered questions I had that I couldn’t find the answers to online.

The downside to these visits is that they occur during the school day. I’d recommend attending if the class you are missing has work that will be easy for you to make up. However, if you happen to be taking a test, I’d suggest skipping the visit and doing your own research. Furthermore, in my experience, the information presented is very similar to what you would hear if you took a tour of the college. So, if you already toured that school, it might be redundant. However, it isn’t a bad idea to attend a visit and get a refresher on the information.

The college application and decision process can be difficult, and visits are crucial to ensuring you make the best choice for yourself. When you can’t take an in-person tour of a school on your list, attending one of the visits at West is a great alternative to this experience. In addition to being provided valuable information, you get to meet a representative of the college. So, make sure to check the schedule and sign up for a visit or two!