Club Dispatch: Bringing Animals Relief Club

Olivia Magalio, Staff Writer

West’s Bringing Animals Relief Club, or BARC, is in full swing! If you “booed” a friend, or if you were “booed”, then you were supporting BARC. And their Halloween-grams are just the beginning of the fundraising they have planned for this year!

The Bringing Animals Relief Club is comprised of students who share a love of animals and community service. The club’s mission is to raise awareness for abused, neglected, and needy animals in our community. Their hope is to provide funding and volunteers to local shelters and rescues for suffering animals. They hold various fundraisers throughout the year with these goals in mind.

In October, the club met to fill bags with tricks and treats, and, during lunch, members asked students and teachers if they’d like to boo someone. The grams, some being sent anonymously, were a fun surprise for students and teachers alike near Halloween time. Another event is the holiday giving tree, where BARC sets up a Christmas tree with ornaments that list items in demand at shelters. Donations of cat toys, puppy pads, and towels make a huge difference to shelters, especially around the holidays. Later in the year, BARC members will bake and sell homemade peanut butter dog treats. This fundraiser is a fun one to prepare, and we always get comments about how the dogs loved the treats!

Roxy therapy dog helping two students read!

The proceeds raised from these fundraisers go to organizations like AARK, WAGS, SATO, Philly Bully Team, Bucks County SPCA, and Pig Placement Network. BARC likes to contribute to local groups, especially if a club member has a connection. While fundraising is valuable to these organizations, one of BARC’s goals this year is to increase their community service through volunteering and raising awareness. Additionally, BARC will begin supporting the Roxy Therapy Dogs.

Like many other clubs at West, BARC was affected by COVID; membership dropped, and it was difficult to continue making a positive impact. Luckily, a group of students joined last year, and even more returned this year. With its renewed membership and passion, BARC is ready to continue helping animals in any way they can. However, they are always open to new members and new ideas! BARC meets every other Monday during Lunch in room D115. If you’re interested in joining, feel free to reach out to the teacher advisors, Ms. Donahue or Ms. Crowell, for more information on how to join this amazing club!