A Homecoming in Tropical Paradise


Carolyn Chen, Staff Writer

There’s no denying the swift transition of one season to another: the smell of pumpkin pies permeates streets of multi-colored leaves; students pull on lighter jackets over t-shirts; the steady approach of holidays. But nothing beats the reunions and “hellos” of school, an inevitability we love and dread all at once.

And what better to spark back the school spirit than dressing up and dancing with your best friends? Get excited, West, because it’s that season again! As one of the first “normal” dances since quarantine ended, sophomores, juniors, and seniors alike got excited for the return of open gyms and an end to dancing with masks on.

While it has been a long-honored tradition throughout West history, with the pandemic only a few months behind us, it was up to sophomore class council to provide an unforgettable homecoming after our win against Neshaminy of 22-0. And thankfully, the theme, “Tropical Paradise” gave us plenty of space to stand out. This year, color exploded on the dance floors. Everyone’s dresses embodied the colorful tropical paradise. And we can thank our wonderful sophomore class council, run by Mrs. Matas, for such a creative theme.

Going straight into the dance, it was certainly a sight to see the line stretching around the block to get in. A big salute to those who arrived a little late to the dance—that line was rough. Still, it was definitely worth it to get in. West was packed that night, not to mention the crowd on the dance floor. And although the table was mostly snacks this year, we did have the addition of fruit snacks and endless rows of water cups to keep everyone fueled during the dance.

It was a little sad to see that the outside was closed off, but after waiting the thirty-to-forty-minute line to get into the dance, it’s hard to say if anyone was aching for another walk in the cold. Plus, who would want to get away from the packed dance floor? This year, there were more dancers than we’ve had in the past two years. What a way to restart homecoming after quarantine!

You can’t mention homecoming without the crowning of our Homecoming Court. A big congratulations to our Homecoming King and Queen: Trey Reed and Evelyn Owen! Their dance after the announcement was truly magical. That’s not to forget all of the amazing students that were nominated as well. On the football field and at the dance, it was definitely a close call for who was going to win the crown.

Again, a big thank you to Mrs. Matas and the sophomore class council for such an unforgettable night. With such a great dance to start off the year, we’d all better get ready for the Junior and Senior dances in the spring!