The College Checkpoint


Welcome, fall season, where the leaves transform their hue, the air becomes crisp, and high school seniors are submitting college applications. The college application process covers a large period, however; most students find themselves submitting most applications on November 1st. The class of ’22 enjoyed their Halloween, knowing they had entered applications prior to the event in attempts to relieve stress. Although, stress is a common definition I have heard spread across the seniors. Yes, their college process is highly important, but this is just one aspect of their lives. How have they been able to manage all factors in their senior year with the addition of planning for their future? I presented this among other questions to some ’22 seniors to hear their position.

  1. Please describe your experience submitting applications. Ex: Did you use common app? How were your stress levels? Were most due on November 1st?

The Common Application was most used among the seniors and many stated that their early action applications were due on November 1st. However, other applications are due in January, giving the students some more time to submit. One student said, “I felt like I just kept procrastinating doing what I had to get done.”  Many felt their essays were a tough spot on their application because of the pressure placed on just a couple hundred words. Students who finished their applications are now saying they need to shift their focus on scholarships.


  1. Did you apply to any rolling admissions? Did you apply to any early action or early decision?

Many said they applied early action with only a few stating that they submitted with early decision because of the knowledge it would bind them to a school. Additionally, seniors liked the rolling admissions because the process was not as stressful, and their results got back to them faster. Students applied rolling admission for schools like Penn State and Pitt.


  1. Have you heard back from any colleges? If you feel comfortable, please list them.

Some universities students have received a result from include Penn State, Pitt, Millersville, Bloomsburg, Alfred State, Temple, Drexel, and Michigan State. The seniors can agree that knowing they have got into at least one university relieves stress and confirms that they will attend college.


  1. How have you felt balancing the college application process with regular schoolwork.

Those who had a lighter schedule first marking period claim it helped open time to focus on applications. However, others say it was super stressful and they had to treat it as an extra class with the amount of work they had to dedicate. A senior said, “I had always heard junior year was the hardest and most rigorous year in high school, however I am beginning to think it is senior year for me. Doing college things on top of regular school is hard to manage”.


  1. Looking back, what would you do differently?

With a consensus to focus on time management, many students stated they would have wanted to dedicate time in the summer to get a head start on their work. This includes starting their college essay to provide enough time for revisions and advice from others. Additionally, others said they recommend making a list of schools you want to apply to, take standardize tests (like the SAT) in early junior year, and use your resources to reach out for help from your counselors.

The college application and acceptance process is a new factor to seniors lives as they balance their future planning and stress of senior year classes. Many will continue to receive their results throughout the winter. We wish you all good luck as you continue to hear back from colleges and balance your senior year.