Bones or No Bones?

Lauren Burchell, Staff Writer

Checking your daily horoscope is a thing of the past. Now, you can predict your day from Tiktok’s current favorite dog: Noodle. Noodle is a 13-year-old pug parented by Jonathan Graziano (@jongraz on TikTok). At this time, Jonathan’s account has 4.4 million followers.  Each morning, Jonathan sets up his phone and records a video that starts with the pug laying sleepily in his bed. His voice narrates the recent events concerning the pug; for example, if he was on an exciting adventure the day before or if he’s been sleeping for a while. Jonathan gently raises the pug up to a standing position. In this moment lies the crucial action: whether Noodle stays standing or flops lazily down. If Noodle is standing, it’s a Bones Day. If he falls back down, it’s a No Bones Day. Bones Days are out of the ordinary and are days to make big decisions and check off important things on your to-do list. No Bones Days are more common and should be slower days where you can take a breather and focus on your own needs. These “readings” are similar to Groundhog Day, except that it’s Noodle instead of Punxsutawney Phil, and the readings occur almost every single day. 

This would be a Bones Day.

Checking if it’s a Bones Day is like checking the weather forecast: they both may influence your plans for the day. The reading of the day is posted around 11am EST, so even if you’re more towards the middle of your day, you can still plan some activities around the type of day. Jonathan recommends different courses of action based on what kind of day it is. For No Bones Days, he recommends soft pants, a heated blanket, kindness to yourself, and rest. For Bones Days, he suggests treating yourself, going out, or even buying plane tickets to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.  

For students at West, Bones Days might manifest themselves in buying your favorite drink at the café, acing your test, or talking to someone new in class. No Bones Days might look something like chilling in the library during lunch, finding a shoulder to lean on in your advisory, or wearing some sweatpants to school instead of jeans. Some classes, like Mrs. Ferraro’s, have Noodle’s reading of the day posted somewhere in the classroom. 

If your feelings don’t match the dog’s reading, that’s okay! If it’s a Bones Day and you’re feeling more down than usual, treat yourself, and don’t be afraid to search for opportunities to improve your day. If it’s a No Bones Day and you’re feeling amazing, keep your momentum going and push further than you thought you could. Some believe in the bones, some don’t. Whatever your outlook is, Noodle provides a fun way to live your life and take a minute out of your day to enjoy an adorable dog.