The Volleyball Game That was Over, Then Wasn’t, Then Was

The Volleyball Game That was Over, Then Wasn’t, Then Was

Maxwell Grill, Staff Writer

In every sports game, there are two things that never fail: there’s always a winner and a loser, and there’s always an end. 

I’ve played baseball since I could stand. I’m happy to say that I’ve never had a game end in a tie. I’m also happy, or more relieved I guess, to say that I’m not currently playing a game as I write this story – they’ve all ended. 

Winners win, then you go home. Right?

Not for CB West’s girls volleyball team. Last Friday, in an out of league game against Methacton, the Bucks’ game came to an ordinary end. Both teams began to clean up their equipment, as players usually do after a game, only to be abruptly interrupted by the refs telling them the game was not over at all. 

According to Anika Huber, a senior on West’s team, the restart was the result of an illegal call made by the referees. 

“It was game point for Mathacton, but the ref blew the whistle before the ball hit the ground,” Huber explained. “Our coaches were arguing for the point, which the refs ended up giving to us, so Methacton had to stop packing up and get back on the court.”

In volleyball, especially when the ball is close to being out of bounds, refs are taught to wait to make any decision until the play is completely over. 

Last Friday, however, the officials jumped the gun and gave Methacton a point that really was earned by West. That misgiven point, which was game point, signified the end of the match. Game over.

But it wasn’t. After a review with the whole referee crew, the officials decided that West’s coaches were in fact right, and that the game was not over. The third set was still not finished, and there was no winner or loser yet.

The only tricky part was that Methacton was almost completely out of the gym when that was decided. 

So, just as quickly as it had ended, the game started back up again. 

West, who was revitalized by another opportunity to come back, came in hot with a quick ace to close the gap.

It was the perfect set up – a crazy miscall, a mounting come back, and some unstoppable momentum. The Bucks were destined to win the game!

Not quite. Methacton clapped back, and with one swift point, the game was over. Again. 

The Bucks faced defeat for a second time that night, but only recorded one loss on their season record. 

Even though it was not the result the team wanted, West is ready to close out the remainder of their season with a couple big wins – most notably against arch-rival CB East on the 14th

And who knows, if the refs happen to blow the whistle a little early again, maybe they’ll get another two-in-one–but in their favor.