Teacher Feature: Ms. Caccavo

I interviewed Ms. Caccavo, CB West Teacher and Unified Track coach, to discuss the program.

Mary Rose Baltes, Staff Writer


MRB: What is Unified Track?

Unified Track is a PIAA co-ed Track & Field Team composed of students with and without disabilities.

MRB: How long has CB West had a Unified Track Team?

West has had a Unified Track team for two years now. Due to the shutdown last year, our season ended before it even started! But this year, we are so grateful that we can make it happen!

MRB: How did you get involved in Unified Track?

I was asked by Ms. Wingen to coach last year when she needed co-coach. I have been working at West in the different special education programs, so I knew a lot of the kids that were interested in joining the team, and I knew it would be perfect for me to coach the team!

MRB: What do you enjoy most about coaching unified track?

Honestly, we just have so much fun together! It is so amazing to see all the athletes work together to help one another and cheer each other on. But at the end of the day, we have so much fun and that is what I love most about it! And using walkie-talkies. I love using walkie-talkies.

MRB: What do you hope for athletes to learn from their experience from unified track?

Teamwork. I think it is so important for athletes to know the importance of relying on not only yourself, but others, to help you succeed. For example, if they are a part of a relay, athletes physically rely on their teammates to complete the event. Athletes also rely on their teammates to cheer them on or help them improve skills in an individual event. I think Unified Track is the perfect sport for young athletes to be a part of so they can learn the importance of helping one another.