CB West Wrestling Recap

CB West Wrestling managed to shine even in an atypical season.

Will Berriman, Staff Writer

This year the CB West Wrestling Team, like many others, was no stranger to the adversity presented by the pandemic. At one point it was brought into question whether winter sports would even salvage a season. Eventually, the season commenced, and the Team carried out practices and participated in matches abiding by the necessary Covid guidelines: most notably, the requirement that all wrestlers must wear masks while on the mat.

Even without ideal pre-season preparation and the practice/match limitations, the CB West wrestlers reached for success. Teague McCormack, Junior, had an impressive 16-4 record paired with a respectable outing in the district playoffs. Chris Cleland, Senior, reached the coveted 100 career wins mark. Paired with a 22-5 record on the season that allowed him to be a state qualifier, he has inserted himself into the school’s history. The most outstanding individual outing of the year would have to belong to junior Carl DiGiorgio. With a record of 25-7, DiGiorgio not only reached the state tournament, but placed 5th, a testament to his skill and work ethic.

When asked about how he worked through the limitations of the season, DiGiorgio stated that although it was not by any means an average season, he tried to approach it the same way as he would any other. There were, however, some things he changed, such as his weekend runs, which he now preferred to wear a mask during to better simulate what he would be dealing with in competition.

The CB West Wrestling Team has found success in a trying season, and with all but 3 wrestlers set to return next year, they are looking to have a strong season, hopefully one more closely resembling those of years prior.