Teacher Opinions: Movie Genre Edition!

This month, we decided to take a different approach and ask some teachers here at West for their favorite movie genre.

The results are in! Horror won by a majority with 30.8% of the vote, with comedy and drama tying in at second with 23.1%. Romance, documentaries, and action all tied for third place at 7.7%.

The best movies are ones that can be enjoyed by everyone. English teacher Mrs. Curran’s favorite movie is the musical The Greatest Showman. She said that her family loves watching it, and it is a family-friendly movie that both children and adults can enjoy. She also added that the music is a good addition to the movie.

Some movies are just so popular that they are on many people’s top movie list. For example, Mrs. D’Alonzo’s favorite movie is The Sound of Music, a movie she has enjoyed since childhood. “When I was younger, I could relate to the children in the family, and now that I am older, I understand the parents perspective.” This movie is a classic that I am sure many of you have seen.

What is your favorite movie genre- favorite movie? Let us know in the comments.