New Year, New Trends. But What Will They be in 2021?

My predictions for the fashion trends of 2021.

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I believe we all are familiar with the 2020 fashion trend of sweatpants and hoodies. With no need to wear an eye-catching outfit amidst a pandemic, I am hopeful that 2021 will provide us with opportunities to experiment with upcoming trends in the new year. One of the biggest influences for this year is the experiment with gender fluidity. Here are 7 fashion predictions for 2021.

Balloon and puffed sleeves

Including balloon sleeves to a basic blouse or shirt adds dramatic factor to any outfit. This trend can be useful for transition between multiple seasons. A longer sleeve that is tapered at the wrist can be worn in fall, while a shorter sleeve can be a practical option for the spring or summer.


There has been a large increase in the popularity of collars to achieve that preppy schoolboy/girl look. They are a great component for layering up for the winter. Also, collars introduce a sophisticated look to any casual outfit.

Shoulder Pads

Yes, you did just read that right. Shoulder pads will make a comeback in 2021. These may not be the bulky shoulder pads seen in 80’s movies, but they give subtle shape to a garment. Originally, I thought shoulder pads were unflattering, however upon wearing this upcoming trend, I think it can help make an outfit look more presentable.

Utility Streetwear

This trend emerged in 2020 but will continue into the new year. Brands like “Dickies” that were initially created for workforce are being sighted on city streets. From vests to cargo pants this style will make an appearance in everyday life. It is also a way to layer and add dimension to a look.

Clashing Colors

Colors like yellow, green, and brown, have been noted to be some of the worst colors to wear. Do not worry if you find yourself wearing these colors because they now are some of the trendiest. From matcha green to mocha brown, these colors have taken over the fashion world. Pairing colors that are next to each other on the color wheel like blue and green are a step towards a monochrome outfit, also in style.

Sheer Tops

Spring will allow for this trend to be in full effect. This style of shirt provides the combination of layering that is practical for the transition into the warmer months. Whatever your style is, this garment proves to be versatile from a minimalist solid color to a graphic print.

No matter if you partake in these trends or not, comfort impacts confidence. Without a doubt, these styles and many more will be taking over the runways and streets in the new year.