High School Sports are Back

After a three-week statewide suspension of High School Sports, Bucks winter athletes have the opportunity to participate once again in their sports.


Will Jack, Staff Writer

The winter sports season reached a roadblock shortly after it started when Governor Tom Wolf announced that high school sports would be postponed through January 4th. However, this order will not be extended. CB West can resume its winter sports season when winter break ends on Monday.

This comes as a relief to West’s athletes, who were uncertain of their season’s future. Rising COVID cases in Pennsylvania were the reason for sports being cancelled. With the holidays and an expected spike in cases approaching, a January 4th return seemed unlikely to some. But for now, athletes can expect to be back in action.

CB West already was able to complete the fall sports season, showing its ability to operate even during the pandemic. Athletes wore masks, sanitized often, and remained distanced on busses to ensure that their season would continue. West’s athletes have shown the ability to safely participate in sports and hope to do so despite facing a new challenge: an increase in indoor sports. Most indoor sports take place during the winter. These sports include basketball, swimming, wrestling, and many others. Some sports that usually spend time indoors or compete indoors such as winter track have been forced to go outside for the season. COVID’s ability to spread quickly indoors will make it so that winter sports are on a short leash if there are increasing cases.

The return of winter sports in something that many students can look forward to when they return from break. It is a pleasant surprise to people who thought that the season’s future could be in jeopardy. Teams have been working hard despite the limitations caused by the pandemic and athletes have stayed prepared despite dealing with the postponement. Workouts being emailed and plenty of Teams meetings will have West’s teams prepared for a return to action. Hopefully a safe and successful season can continue for all of West’s sports teams.