2024 Presidential Candidates

Ally Kling, Editor

2024’s Presidential Candidates

By Allyson Kling

Even though the 2024 presidential election is over a year away, news has already started to come in on who’s taking part in the upcoming campaign. So far, unlike the 2020 election, there is only Republican and Democrat candidates so far, meaning the current list is absent of members of the alternative parties, such as the Green party, whose presidential candidate in 2020 was Howie Hawkins. The 2024 presidential election features a few familiar faces, along with many new politicians-turned candidates.

2024 Presidential Candidates (As of 4/26/2023)

#1) Donald J. Trump

Republican, Aged 76, Former President of United States

#2) Steve Laffey

Republican, Aged 61, Former Mayor of Cranston, RI

#3) Nikki Haley

Republican, Aged 51, Former U.S. Ambassador to the UN in the Trump Administration

#4) Vivek Ramaswamy

Republican, Aged 37, Entrepreneur

#5) Perry Johnson

Republican, Aged 75, Businessman

#6) Asa Hutchinson

Republican, Aged 72, Former Governor of Arkansas

#7) Larry Elder

Republican, 70, Political Talk Radio Host

#8) Marianne Williamson

Democrat, Aged 70, Self-Help Author

#9) Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Democrat, Aged 69, Attorney

#10) Joe Biden

Democrat, Aged 80, Current President of the United States

Potential Candidates:


Tim Scott: Republican, Aged 57, South Carolina Senator (RUNNING AS OF PUBLICATION)

Ron DeSantis, Republican, Aged 44, Florida Governor (RUNNING AS OF PUBLICATION)

Chris Sununu, Republican, Aged 48, New Hampshire Governor

Mike Pence, Republican, Aged 63, Former U.S. Vice President

Francis Suarez, Republican, Aged 45, Mayor of Miami, Florida